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Our book fair coordinator will handle everything, from set-up to clean-up.  We provide promotional materials and book wish lists.  We will pre-order any special request books ahead of time to have on hand at the fair.  We can accept cash, checks and credit cards on site at your event.

Here are some ideas for a successful book fair:

Have teachers create a Teacher Wish List for the parents to use at the fair.  Donate a book to a child’s class from the list created by the child’s teacher.  Buy a book as a holiday or end of the year gift for the teacher to enjoy (from books selected by their teacher). We will wrap teacher gifts at the fair.

Parents can purchase books for children or for gifts from the large selection of popular titles (10% of book fair purchases will benefit your school).

Donate a book to the library on behalf of a child or family.

In lieu of buying a book, parents may prefer to purchase a gift certificate.  These are available for any denomination.  There are blank lines to fill in the teacher or librarian’s name, the parent’s and/or child’s name and the amount of the certificate.  We can deliver the certificate to the teacher or librarian.  Gift certificates are redeemable only at La Canada Books and Toys.

Is your school having an annual school fair/festival?  Add a book booth!  La Canada Books and Toys will provide books and related items to enhance your school festival.  Already have a book fair in place at your school?  Consider having a spring book fair or setting up a table on campus for summer requirement reading.  If you don’t have time for a book fair on campus, we can provide you with a pre-order form, and we will deliver directly to your classroom!  10% always goes back to the school.

Let us give you the reasons we think you should considered us for your next book fair, click here.

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